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as to the Medical practice at the Hospital, but hope shortly

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noid greatly thickened, much lymph on posterior aspect of cord. The right

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recent origin. It has been held that unless the in-

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the tympanitic distention of abdomen and swelling of right inferior extremity some-

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corded as 14| cm. from the median line. The urine showed a

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reasons, objectionable in this case : the flatness of the cornea, together

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knew a great deal about reform and whose support would

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the possibility of a high local concentration near the gastrointestinal mucosa and the ability of the KCI

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fore, the insertion of a considerable number in the

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ritis, although they are occasionally seen. Uraemic deafness is rare, although

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Washing out the stomach soon after the ingestion of a full meal is

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1860 A Dissertation on Hygiene, by Dr. A, B. Haile.

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that the effects of use and disuse are transmissible. It was the

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I shall not weary you by quoting authorities or introduc-

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able to see any advantage in the concave pad, as reccnn-

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increase in rate was highest in these areas (69% ; mid- 1 994

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relief.*] History of asthma in family ; attack 2 — 4 a.m. every

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prime requisites in this method of treatment. Instead of daily

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tions on the present status of. Joseph Shohan. M.D..

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Kethod of Treparation of the Toxins. — To make the

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signed to the Constitution under date of December 23d,

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ty long, slit up the middle to (he half of i(s length, a dozen or more

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whole families of such people, varying as the degree of neu-