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with hospital cases. Of Dr. Gross's cases seventy-five

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in the apex and some sligiit ledema, was fairly normal,

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considerably reduced as a result of enlistments, they anticipated

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chapters ; and (9) Reproduction — ^three chapters. An Appen-

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this is not the case, with very few exceptions (three out of the 183 cases),

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Dr Pirrie — Dr Keith — Dr William Williamson — Dr Rattray — Dr Robert

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the Commanding Officer and the officers in charge that he was unfit

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sessing vestibular perceptions in various degrees below the normal,

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All attempts, therefore, to define disease by the use of such

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During mastication it penetrates the food ; and at other times,

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One or two ships were employed in the trade between Manila and

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Dr. Odling mentions the fact that Father Secchi has distin-

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death, eleven weeks later, which had been caused by a septic

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one of these cases he performed a post-mortem examination, and found that

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of infirmities, that crowd about the human form, and crush it to the

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This would seem to be unwise. The Legislative Committee

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who seems to have been the first to have used the cur-

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manner in which he has been fed regulates, in a measui-e,

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and measured; the determination of the corresponding amount of

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place ; in other words, in proportion as the symptoms denote destructive

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and the hysterical symptoms observed. In support of the view

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tise you against your will, nor will any one influence you

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ing that he was registered under the Medical Act. Mr.

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had practiced in Hamden, Conn., for fifty-two years, difd at

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for four or five years. The woman had, at first, signs of Graves's

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the epithelioid connective-tissue cells. With the appearance of caseation

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Ophthal. : Rt. staphyloma posticum with chorioidal changes.

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