result. His reported results are exceedingly encouraging, but the failure of his treatment as tried by others
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in intensity over the engorged spot. In children the '' pneumonic crepita-
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The aj)i)earanee of these euvities is similar to that deserihed in clironic
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is likely due to hemorrhage, or laceration. The condition of railway
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and the vegetable astringents. Iodide of potassium and ergot are the only
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side eontiuMed after the frietion sound had disa)>peare(l, that the use of the
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is red. The temperature during the bleeding is usually depressed, but
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1. The stage of consolidation, corresponding to the jirimary tubercular
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According to the manner of their application, sutures may be classi-
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and eirtilaginous texture of the mass. After involving the muocnlar coat,
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Kyphosis, or posterior curvature, is produced by: 1. Belaxed con-
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J-grain doses of ipecacuanha with sufficient morphine hypodermically to
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tion, or disease of bones ; the face is pale and puffy, tlie urine is increased
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should be placed in the axilla. A strip of adhesive plaster of sufficient
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and interferes with the nutrition of the specific cellular elements of the
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obstruction, as vomiting, first of the contents of the stomach, and then
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directly over the pulmonic valves ; it is very superficial and consequently
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death, and is seldom completely recovered from. Acute mitral endocar-
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be administered in sutticiently large doses to give complete relief from pain,
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waxy liver the urine is often increased in amount, is albuminous, and con-
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be developed in the chronic as well as the acute stage of renal disease.
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holds the jaws together. The patient should be instructed to avoid talk-
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taking proper care of the affected skin. The parts must be kept dry and
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the second week ; if recovery takes place the disease is apt to last two or
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communicating with the gall-bladder. A duodenal ulcer may perforate
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inflammation. Obviously such conditions never exist about the human
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ment of the fever, and it is not attended by any unusual sensation. It
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and exposure to cold are mentioned as possible exciting causes.
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rapid and compressible in those cases where there are early symptoms of
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I treated twenty cases, with seven deaths. In giving a prognosis one must