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The palatal arch is wide and the dental arch is high. The
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without any consciousness whatever of being ill. Her men-
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bound" unless this be done. Rubbing softens the skin, opens tho pores, loosens
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it annoys the patient and prevents her resting. This treatment
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maintained by the advocates of this view, that it is only when
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were made to overcome this repugnance, but in vain, and the attempt was aban-
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closed. Nevertheless, the movements of a hand were seen at three
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Here the fornix and the snrfkce of the third cerebral ventricle were softened. An
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answer to a recent paper ei. Professor BoUeston's^ on the subjeet of
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enjoy health and attain to the fullness of days without encountering the waves of
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Eye examination (by Dr. Ernest Krug) shows the right eye
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those of a spastic paraplegia (lateral sclerosis): a gradually
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prises pour ^touffer les premiers germes.'' Is this explanation
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The specific gravity should vary among the different speci-
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tion of the mind in these choreic cases is perhaps worthy of com-
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the pen in her behalf and disprove what seems to be generally believed. Though
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^ Witnetf tlie often ill-quoted epignim of Walter, " Amsuroflit leijener Ziutend^
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In conclusion I would say that judging irom my own experi-
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to those who are continually discouraging tho sick by telling them that they are
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no one can read them without gaining such information as shall trebly remunerate
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the present paper is written in order to induce in students the
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Cause of death. disease. insufEciency. pectoris. Rupture.
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watched closely from day to day. If the trial is not a success,
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per day. The patient was discharged November 14th, with a
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previous diarrhoea and cholerine prevailing in Trieste might be
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and vision was lost. After a short time, and while the eye was still
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nicious to the race of man. Young men cannot restrain their passion while the