of ginger to lock up his bowels. Being unable to stand

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acted ; and being so, let all stand on the thccarium of Wellington-street,

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suria with extracts of the organ of Zuckerkandl and carotid gland (horse)

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the mucous membrane, particularly that portion which corresponds with the

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the flange of the tube, and thus restrict the breathing space to the calil)re

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Even in birds it is by no means proved that the formation of uric acid

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arc multiple, in which case they are usually small. They vary much as

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those treated in the different regiments of guards, and which

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several attacks of rheumatism previously to my attending her, and that she had

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material in favor for the douching is a solution of corrosive

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from the present symptoms, but from the previoUvS history of

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been reduced to 167 pounds. The dose of Clemens's solution

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in weakness just in proportion to the duration of the attack. Dr.

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destruction a large daily birth must also be going on."

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chen,1874, xxi, 439, 4(so, Reprint,— Simpson (H.) Ty-

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spells, while a huge, completely intrathoracic tumor, owing to the

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etc., relate to the year ending May 31, 1940. They affect all students regard-

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that concern us especially. These may enter a surface water directly

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ache and pneumonia must have made a deep impression

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put to him. It is evident that ordinarily the ideas of his personality

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Tercsi (S.) La risipola e le iniezioni ipoderiniche di fe-

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per 100,000 ; from pertussis, 10 to 19.5 ; from 43 to 100.

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program given by Ms. Kari Krumwiede who gave a very

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were found to contain staphylococcus pyogenes albus. In another case a

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point. Supplies in a former supply installation are not

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vertebrae, if the lesion is a dorsal one, and contraction of

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quired, than could be offered by the delicate muscular tunic of

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described by those whoi have recovered. The clinical picture

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of two conditions is liable to arise : either the stitches will

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July cheese held for further examination. He then requested that samples

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Prescribe Journal-advertised products and you prescribe the best.

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phenomena, troubles of sensation or of vasomotor innervation in the

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substance in muscle. I know this view was advanced some time ago, but in

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yet taken so firm a position in literature that they may

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perhaps is that of the vaccine virus. Inserted once, in almost

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with the spinal nerves and cord, it can readily be seen that diseases affecting

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