the .^tna Life Insurance Company, as medical examiner, and
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Classification, — Under the heading of cerebrospinal meningitis or cere-
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has been entered about a foot, by its contact with the tur-
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small, thin colonies which are round and have a moist appearance when
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"Of no other disease can we read as full a history from American
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tissues. The respiratory co-efficient, that is, the ratio between expired carbon
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with which the disease advances is very great, so that sometimes in forty-
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time in propelling the blood forAvard. Arterial tension is increased, as is
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Individuals with serious organic or constitutional diseases, with severe
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show red borders in about forty-eight hom-s. On the third day a swelling
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tertiary lesions. It had been a generally accepted doctrine
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as very contagious. In a small epidemic observed by the writer there were
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the organisms are massed in large numbers, produce a concentrated toxin
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coincide with the results of his observation. Of the persons
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their exposed position, their deeply corrugated surfaces, and the imperfect
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everything that has been written about nucleoalbuminuria
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of syphilis, the whole arterial system suffers more or less dur-
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of the time can very effectually cover the country in the way
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^ver the ventricle. If the patient is to improve, this tympanitic note gradually
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attend properly to the work where agencies are widely
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fourteen, seventeen and eighteen years being on record, (c) Typhoid
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whether increased or diminished, is not the important factor
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Pathology. — There is more or less congestion and catarrhal inflammation
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probably less than in any other severe acute disease and it is less likely to
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purposes, but real progress has followed only the use of venous puncture
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toxin molecule is regarded as having two distinct atomic groups, one whereby
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pyogenic invasion of tuberculous cavities, the deeper extension being purely
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done in some localities, such as the breast, and has given relief, but if there
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voluntarily and involuntarily restricted, and accompanied by movements of
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is fiu"nished by the tetanus bacillus, which, when introduced into the tissues,
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received a great deal of study. Macroscopically it appears at first grayish-
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With the commission of appointment there is sent to the
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fibrinous pleuritis, pneumothorax, or empyema. The exudate may contain
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the plasma. Furthermore it multiplies by sporulation. He found this
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be explained by a lack of sunshine, for Ruhemann finds that the num-
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suppuration begins, during the second week. It is more frequent than
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mortality was 18.2 per cent.; when 150, the mortality was 40 per cent.;
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nearly always a selection, involving a judgment between rival
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pneumonia, the right upper and middle lobes being involved, in whom there
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veniently prepared by pricking the pre%iously sterilized dorsal aspect of the
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described by the Arabian physicians and by Greek and Roman authors. The
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circular spot, dusky red in color, disappearing on pressure, and tending to