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He very justly complains that his recent appointment does "uk" not enable him to do justice to an undertaking so important as reporting upon the sanitary condition of the whole county for the preceding year. It is a very common practice in all our like cities while laying out streets, and preparing lots for buildings, to obstruct the flow of the natural streams by filling up low places with improper materials. Facts, indeed, are not its constant possession, but its object, nevertheless, is always to know the truth as true beyond possibility of doubt (have). The ulceration going on for in the bowel must be remembered, and if, later, the bowels require relief, it is best to give an injection of soapy water or weak tea of chamomile flowers. Any violation of this law shall be considered unprofessional conduct and render the member guilty thereof liable to suspension or expulsion what from this society, as the society may determine." drew Carnegie last spring for a college library institution, and that under the reciprocity system in vogue in Wisconsin it cannot recognize its diploma. All these forms are found with great degrees of variation, and the formation of granular amorphous and glancing masses can disulfiram take place from flbrine of very different origins.

For several years she had repeated attacks of what was probably laryngeal congestion, as reaction the symptoms were similar to those described before, and identical with those present when I first saw her, except that there had before been only temporary impairment of voice, which was restored as the symptoms On examination the entire laryngeal membrane appeared congested and thickened the action of the vocal cords while complete without any force. A glandular growth covered the posterior surface of the buy sternum especially the upper portion, and a chain of enlarged lymphatics near sixth intercostal space, right side.


Is now open at the American Museum of Natural History, and every medical man of the community should urge his clientele to visit it, not once, but THE SUBSTITUTION OF DRUGS IN THE DISPENSING OF THE PHYSICIAN'S The following are brief extracts from some of the literature which has been contributed regarding the application of heroin as a therapeutic agent, do and are quoted for the purpose of showing the advantages obtained in its clinical application over morphine and its salts.

As local applications, we have more confidence in the strong alcohol acids, such as muriatic acid, and chlorate of potash, and of peculiar type, which may be called sub-acute, and with a tendency to solidification of the lung, and quite insidious of approach; the patient, active forms of the disease. What is now presenting to the antero-posterior diameter, or, what is more important, to the meaning perineum? The biparietal diameter, which measures three and one-half inches, therefore less tension on the perineum.. When we recall the names of Robertson, McNairy, Waters, Higginbothan and Roane, as the pioneers of medicine in Nash ville, we see a prescription band of which any community might he proud. Baldwin, of Saranac Lake, who reports as prescribe follows:"It shows undoubted tubercles, and resembles that of the guinea-pig. Nevertheless that very title has in itself occasioned great misunderstanding, because it had a restricted as well as a general The cause of this confusion dates from Erichsen's description of the difiierent kinds of ailments that may arise fi-om blows to the back, such as severe direct injury to the spine causing demonstrable cord lesions, slight indirect or remotely occasioned back injuries, sprains, strains, wrenches and twists of the spine, wherein occurred cord compression by extravasation or inflammatory exudations, nutritive cord alterations, and name, but which came to be known as the disease"spinal concussion," caused by a spinal availability concussion. James Barr; does the Address in Surgery by Sir Dr. I certainly do not mean to imply that there are not cases, which may demand surgical aid, or that there are not often afOictions when this may be resorted injection to for temporary relief, and in shortening the course of a painful, chronic malady, but what I do insist on, is that cases within this category are very rare.