panied by violent itching. The dorsal surface of the two last phalanges is
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upon by electricity certain of the atoms or radicals went, under
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in an aged person. Another differential diagnosis is car-
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9th. 7:30 A. M. : Pulse 56, temperature 97.8°. General
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again shows very often that the tonsils are not only
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the symptoms more pronounced in the second person attacked.
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in childhood is a manifestation of hereditary syphilis;
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ant part of the supporting treatment in this disease, as in all other dis-
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reject totally the dogmas of his sectarian brother. He views
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a needle, the heart immediately stands still, and its regular pulsations are
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Is rare in the mare. It is usually caused by foaling,
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kill them." The statement is ultraconservative, for Dr. Mac-
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thus formed in the lungs is fevorably situated for the production of sec-
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the request that they fill out, in full, one case of the
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they come to rest during latent periods of infection. It is doubtful
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staff at St Mary's from 1988-1990. He was an alternate delegate to the
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ceased, and the patient had a chill f oUowed by a rise to
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(10 per cent., Wagner), sometimes small or normal, but never the latter with
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There are other conditions, due to general nervous break-down rather
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to give vaccine trcatiiient a trial, and six injections of B. E. Vin,n.o, gradually
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the amazing eft'rontery of the Council in endeavoring to
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having important bearing on the clinical course of the
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In many ohscuro casea of tlie uropoietic system the cysto-
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Reynolds was re-elected to the presidency by a practi-
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former group of reagents. These results, when taken with the
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animals dying of murrain (bovine disease.) It is confined to the
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36 H. Fox and E. Fisher : Joum. Amer. Med. Ass., Ixxv. October 2, 1920.
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some other disease is simulated by Hysteria, the cold effusion is a
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The io»)iiocliistic spirit of llio tirst lie tlioufxlit Justitiablo, iiiid, as
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improvement or aggravation until endocarditis develops, then
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by penetrating the cork, causes the spirit to evaporate, bursting the
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because it is the cause of many ills, and is often amenable to specific
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Case XIV.— Mr. H., aged 22, had a saddle-back deformity