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The Treatment of Corneal Spots by The Uses of Papine. — Wm. J. Crittenden,

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was there any anemia, the hemoglobin being 53 fo on

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During the second week of November, 1879, he su£Fered from his third gonorrhea:

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When it is necessary to make an opening with the lancet, the incis-

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socalled anemic ferer. The pain and the most unpleasant local symptoms h

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removal of the ovaries, are cases of metrostaxis. The

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and repeat the dose once in twelce hours, during the -nhole period of exposure,

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pain in the hip, along the spine, and in the occipital region.

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are formed principally towards the extremities of the tubes ; in the

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not be considered as the only pathogenesis, to the exclusion of

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opposing similar referendums in California and Washing-

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commences in the centre; a fact difficult to account for, and hardly

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It was quite natural that K5ster did not believe the facts evident to

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tion and isolation of each organ, while others stress an en

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posterior part of the internal capsule, in which there was no permanent

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teaspoonfuls of the syrup, and see that they are taken at equal

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is bronchial, and the extravasation is due to the inhalation of blood into

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in cons'uIeralilL' Hkcptirisni as to the exi-<t('ii(c of any

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Sanchez, and may, in brief terms, be characterised as mistaken

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Moffitt, Gary L., Family Practice, Rogers. Bom June 1,

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indeed, cover the whole ground in anything like a satisfactory

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2:30 P.M., patient went into labor; 6 p.m., waters broke;

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Dr. Bellows informed nie that lie had already been in

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latter are found, according to him, only in the excito-motor (Eolandic)

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iliac fossa. It was quite tense and immovable. On ad-

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;^e ttat QuesiionetD mucO sfiall Uain rnutli.— Bacon.