brachial artery, surrounded by a plexus of veins, from which

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sive in its development, or evolutionary in character. One is not

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reddened, possibly chemosed ; scleral vessels injected and en-

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expulsion by coughing, and there the strength fail-

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been enough to lacerate the nervous elements themselves, which are more

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therefore even more delicate than the cold-nitric-acid test,

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The prognosis in all these renal affections is very grave; the majority

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amination. I regret that the extreme modesty of this

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ii true alike of pleuritis thus developed as a complication and when it

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soon fatal. Lesions of the pons or medulla would also give

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mined and recorded. The accuracy of the localization depends

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sows; feed on dry oats and water. Let the pigs run at large and they will wean

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thermal, represented in the spectrum. There is one radiant

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plunged into it ; the positive pole is applied to the surface of

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the finer needles, and making deep injections, I have

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┬źnd in 1871 there were not less than 17,069 subjected to the

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pint of water for fifteen minutes and straining. Of

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own metallic resonance. By the reverberation of the high overtones

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cellular tissue is more amenable to (Edematous distension. Both authors recom-

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citis: a Year's Experience," by Dr. Ira J. Prouty, Keene. " Ex-

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birthplace, and presided at its origin. But these contingencies do not

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paratus by M. GaifFe, of the merits of which M. Becquerel

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tion of adult males there is always a greater or less resid-

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This disease, however, appears in so many forms, that we shall simply

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having been employed at first, but, from the tedious nature of

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fissure, but such a lesion would not be likely to cause

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was applied a spiral-reverse roller : a piece of splint

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the female bladder two or three years ago. I removed

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nias. For the indirect hernias I opened the cremaster

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38 'To Cut or Crush In Stone of the Urinary Bladder. Stnari

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the appearance of being of parasitic origin. The sugges-

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additions to the dermatosis, the most striking feature of which is, after

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seven weeks, and was then complete. It is remarkable that such

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the number devoted to inoculations was 67,521. There is a

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The material examined consisted of 4 sponges and 2 pieces of silk