country, to the central plain, to the coldest and driest regions
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has final authority on financial matters. The management of the
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per cent only of the deaf who are of school age, are now attend-
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abrupt change as the disorder falls on the brain. Then its association
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the intestine after the exfoliation of the epithelium, is
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tion has been impaired by some local disturbance of the cir-
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dition, physical and moral, of the leprous poor, very much
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external malady and the disease within can not always be traced, it
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in them. But the huge l^rine-pit with its great accumulation of
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ration was performed on January 29th, all the usual precautions
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whatever as to its therapeutic value, for not only does the thirst
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editor, who should not only incorporate the most recent discoveries, but also the modes of pro-
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stupendous folly, which so long held sway, and for which the
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parti-coloured three-tailed comet, and marked by an eclipse, the
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I have been interested to hear the relation between typhoid
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physical signs of any affection of the lungs, yet her case was a very anxious
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detached from the eye. Finding, however, I had left a portion
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chloroform does, irritate the kidneys. Garrd says that
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with the following differences : The pillow is removed and a small
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convexity of the liemisphere, was destroyed to within 10 mm. of
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a committee consisting of Dr. J. W. Long, Dr. Chas. O'H. Laughing-
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be ever reprinted separately. It would not be easy to imagine
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structural changes, but by accumulation of secretion, which may be
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normal developments of adipose tissue which occur in infancy and at the