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as advocating a new form of management of these cases,
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tosis is almost invariable, while death <4enerallv occurs,
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men, princes from far off India with wealth beyond the
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Manchester, was nominated chairman ; Mr. James Samuelson,
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endoluminal stent grafts for the treatment of abdominal
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For the treatment, or removal of tumors, the skill of a surgeon ie
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the parents may not have noticed that the children had any difficulty
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ance that the bacillus will not live in, and cannot be
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at 10 a.m. Pulse 72-80. Still complains of frontal headache. Mastoid
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of his birth, and for more than a quarter of a century after, belonged to
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in diameter; externally pale yellowish-brown, internally
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dysenteric in the United States (Osier) ; it has also
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In the acute septic form the prognosis is less hopeful. Perhaps 60 per
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limited state of our knowledge of the ultimate laws of animal chemistry,
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fish in feeling. How animating is the presence of a bright sub,
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Ben}' records cases of death six weeks after the diag-
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also a valuable feature of the book, and it includes not only
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entries under the simple heading of " old age and debility,'^