He thought we had a i)nerperal fever, characterized ussally by
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patients and more than a hundred employees. The trustees,
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was recorded by MM. Cornil and Lupine, the other by Dr Webber.* In
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Local treatment. — Tinct. opii, largely diluted with lead wa-
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2Zeitschrift far kllnlsche Medicln, 1902, Vol. xUv, 165.
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Jefferson Medical College. The intelligence of the overthrow of the
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ists, of greater advantage to the patient. Unless mercury disagree or the
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a sensory impression, conveyed from the cicatrix through
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Alvin Davison, Ph.D., ex- Fellow of Princeton University; Professor
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acts as a veritable solvent for the nerve endings. He also concludes that
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but simply to the absence of air. When the change is of recent
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j?uch illegal act, injury arises to an individual, I tlmik that the
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multiplied, and new facts have been accumulated. I propose,
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ingenuity. Let those, therefore, who are desirous of promoting the in-