fairly established. The remarkable recovery of this man, recalled to my mind

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often very rapid, with uremic symptoms ; likewise, in the parenchymatous

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-he insoluble residue. A microscopic examination of this showed it

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ditions, such as contraction of the foot (Coleman) ; laceration

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As to the symptoms: The cysts usually grow slowly, and do not

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a conference of leaders in the public health field, virologists, educators, doctors of medicine, and

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temperature of 102*6°, and being somewhat collapsed, he was

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that I have made and to confess my surgical sins. When one of my breth-

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logical transudation. Hydrothorax, therefore, no more* deserves the

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stage of a tuberculous cystitis, when diagnosis without

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Save under the exceptional circumstances of attending sore

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first it was on both sides. He had some paroxysms after his admis-

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mentions groups of small granules, which are colored blue in his neuroglia

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whom fresh attacks have occurred in adult life who were also victims

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Other irregular spots could be seen on the neck and

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Both insoluble in the gastric fluids, they are split up in the intes-

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for j)hy8ical examination of candidates for Revenue-Cutter

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Ophth. Klin., Stuttg., 1898, ii, 65. — Bronner (A.) The

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the lens, with secondary irido-choroiditis. Two days after the anterior

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what — averaging about 900 cc. per day. The specific gravit\' was con-

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fibrous connective tissue, with numerous nuclei and

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diffuse infiltration of the bowel walls. Ulceration of the surface of the card-

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cannot see the exact spot to which his attention is directed. Occasionally

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belief: 1st. In their peculiar action on polarized light, and their radiated

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The cyst is in intimate connection with the iris ti.s-

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operation being speedily followed by the birth of a full-grown child !

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None of the patented contrivances for vaccinating, in the opinion of

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lists on remedies for dysentery, without even any mention of this once cel-

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to 41 C. in slight cases, and to 42 C. in severe ones. Owing

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pressure, appears in the skin, which gradually reddens above it, and