that such an explanation is incompatible with the fact that the enlarge-
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year, it could fcarcely be faid to mend, though the
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tenderness and resistance will be situated above the anterior superior
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between the morning and evening temperatures of less than 2° F., is the
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necrosis is seen in its lobule, and often too in the mesentery and
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perforation of the septum is not infrequent. When the vomer is affected,
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glanders is purely a local diforder, he undertook to
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a very elaborate di.scussion, .so that in a sense each will represent
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Journal, September first, 1923, and the memorandum by Sir
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doses is much in vogue for this type of malaria in Africa. Certain French
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In some cases which are in an early stage, nothing further is necessary ;
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ordinary gout, unless in its greater tendency to be associated with inter-
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of all animals are adaptations for the purpose of obtaining food. It
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to. It may resemble, and certainly has been mistaken for, acute
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affection may subside if the exciting cause of it be removed, or it may
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made to fupply his place : but whenfhe is em.ployed
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of mine in " Brotherhood," and wrote to me. I had .some corres-
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Eickets unquestionably predisposes to eclampsia and also anaemia, but in
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lumen. Puncturing of the mucous membrane is shown by the
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able early. These may be classed under the name paresthesia, and consist
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avoid any dirt : accordingly, his legs are dryer and
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abdomen, however, is enlarged, distended, often enormously ; and yields all
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rounding the invaginated portion of the tumour is flattened out
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haemoptysis, besides the history of cough, expectoration, night sweats, and
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It is of great benefit to them to give to each, about
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ment can pafs through this dud, or at leafl: none but
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cutaneously or in an oedematous area or in a tatty tissue, as then irrita-
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of catarrh, but in the disease called cirrhosis ventriculi the whole wall of
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one spot in the epigastrium ; and the only point in which such pain and
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in the back is usually due to the kidneys. Renal abscess, tuber-
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or the negative pole may be used as the active electrode.
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Wishart, Toronto, was recently mentioned in despatches by General