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of the German military authorities. Smallpox became so prevalent in

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left. He continued much in the same state till theevening of the 31st

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disinfection and even bacteriological examination of the secretions of the

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description one would be inclined, prima facie, to pronounce against its

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had seen general paretic disturbances and contractions in chil-

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" Guardians of the Public Health ! " This is indeed a

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olive oil cannot dissolve the stones. But we can relieve the con-

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Case IV. — Mrs. F. A., aged twenty-eight years, secundipara, Russian,

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the Eustachian tube and give rise to irritation or inflammation

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ancillary services exception requires an analysis of whether

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of cyanosis are due to the presence of a larger volume of

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distinctly evident ; the respirations became more rapid and full, and the sur-

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adhered to the side of the heart. The valves of the

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tions, should authenticate them with their names — of course not

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Available through SMA Physicians Purchasing Program

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influence of malarial infection. The milder forms of simple intermit-

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auricles." (a) Now this is the precise location of, ^^.t^actions of muscles which are known to occur

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Barry's Sheffield figures, and be (Dr. Sandilands) owed tbe Section an apology

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casts, as well as red and white blood-cor})uscles. These changes

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trami. [Ahstr.]: PaAiji-o?, 'ASiji/ai, 1887, xvii, 641 ; 657; 673;

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The specific organisms linger in the posterior urethra of the male and the

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some others, who were thereby freed from their distempers,

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almost like sand. The kidneys were friable but contained some mois-

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cases. An Appendix, containing a number of useful recipes, completes

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diminish as the liquid is absorbed. The absorption sometimes goes on

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usually more sudden than in the adult, and is, as a rule, marked

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and these lesions occur with a considerable degree of con-

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can swallow it. In the evening another scruple with 2 gr. of opium,

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