decided symptom of ill-health, because the first case of the kind I met with

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[Reprinted from The Journal of Experimental Medicine, May 1, 1921, Vol, xxxiii,

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three out of these four main components of organic matter, have aflinities which

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.stomach should be made. But why was this analysis not made

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that certain constituents necessary to the nutrition of the body were

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that the physician is not often called upon to prescribe

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these details would require more space than is here admissible. The

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tongue furred, the appetite impaired, the thirst increased, the urine

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geons, and they told him he had to have his back cut open

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obtain simultaneous tetanization of a large number of

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unnecessary to say that Prof. Hinrich's book will create a sensation in the

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less unexceptionable circumstances. The blood of warm-blood-

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right auriculo-ventricular orifice in failure of the right ventricle, significant

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is not only permissible, but best, that we use medullary narcosis

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the most important febrile cutaneous diseases ; scarlet fever, mea-

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have ever since continued to trouble him. For the fortnight immediately

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asked where the money had gone the reply was that there were

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attention of the profession has been more steadily and

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symptom to suggest the existence of the affection. And the dropsy may

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recognize it as a guide for the unravelling of a series of phe-

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action, and afford sensible comfort to the patient, by applying

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secondary ones the effluent from the primary beds —

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Fig. 1 — Pulmonary artery branch showing dilatation and

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tion. There is always some danger of the shock, depletion, and other