ear and mastoid sinus, the absorption of toxins into the
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son related the particulars of a case of large melanotic tumor of the eye, which
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C. Webb, F.L.S., that the sizes of the alveoli do not of themselves
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fantasy echoed through the meeting — "325,000 die
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spirits, such as follows, for instance, an attack of ty-
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age of the sloughs there was generally more or less
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on the subject of "The Bacteriology of Cystitis," by R. C. Long-
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ache Ls usually very severe, and no symptom is more bitterly complained
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latter are found, according to him, only in the excito-motor (Eolandic)
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stools, and (4) from mechanical obstacle. The contra-
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colleague, M. Bernutz, when treating of menstrual retention,
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recent conversation with his father the latter had ad-
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oxygen of the blood, and secrete about twenty-three
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The remaining portion of this work is devoted to those
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circumstances in the place of chlorate of potassium. It is pref-
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Cases have been reported iu wliich for a long period
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published. The observation is by the distinguished neurologist,
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for the future of scientific therapeutics when we read the results
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found in the stools. The nuclear structure of tlie enta-
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in such cases as these, a surgeon should do but little. He should look
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chamber. It acts in direct antagonism of atropia, which in a healthy eye lowers
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Dr. Augusto Murri has found that in chlorotic women the action of a
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t a.m. this morning, respiration became my difficult, and shortly alter she died.
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digo folvfetele a szenibe. [Taking up of indigo by the eye.]
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(of birth. This, in fact, in reference to the crime with which the prisoner is