cases of the disease. It is, perhaps, the safest narcotic which we can
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with merely the simple bandage not very tightly applied."
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he had also detected change in the size of the gland in
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of indubitable jaundice appears to be accounted for. Heynsius
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there is also a darker side, since in some cases all the
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occurred if he failed to ingest air in conjunction with his food and driidu
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applications of mercury, sulphur, or carbolic acid are sometimes
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Benjamin H. Hilkovitch, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Medicine.
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bert and Clarence H. Connor, assistant surgeon, to the commanding
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is very devout, and is, of course, anxious to ( man expired in spite of the means used to
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miner in the highest and coldest mountains as the agriculturist
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appearance, these patients experience numerous problems in social
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nary cases, only a single silver-wire suture, passed around so as
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lum. This borders an undulating membrane attached to the body and then, carried
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temperature it is not obvious, being insensible; hence termed
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sleeping in the open air without a mosquito curtain.
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plethora, or. on the other hand, of a state of concentration of the blood.
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discuss the amount of carbonic acid found in the atmosphere
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were quite normal, and unaccompanied by any echo or splashing.
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of the Society to report on the subject of Medical Education