the extremities; yawning and other febrile symptoms may likewise be*

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be decidedly chyliform. This fatty character was claimed for cancer

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or thickened although of more value in the differentiation of renal tuber-

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tardation of the flow of blood, increased transudation and a

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dition of the oral cavity, this deranges and impairs

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who was in hiding in Aberdeenshire, bethought him of visiting his

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is arrested gauze is very lightly inserted into the

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cervix per vaginam, was attended by such very great risk

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temperature. A second sign, which was investigated by M. Combe of

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drained oft' abruptly from a vein or artery of notable size, the result

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either respiration or circulation by artificial respiration alone, even

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has resulted from many causes, but beyond drawing the

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But the rules of the school require attendance on all the

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Par., 1887, i, .344-347.— itlaltei (A.) Uelle ririncipali fuii-

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epileptic spasms, which I have treated of in a former paper.

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use — the simple box splint, with its back and movable side

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XXXVIII. G. B., œt. 45, admitted July 14th, 1843. Patient has been

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sooner or later the harvest of adult criminality. It

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frequent, was hard. Bleeding from the arm always gave relief to

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admissible into the workhouse by application, on or about the com-

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+ Nixon, Siu Christopheu, Bart., M.D., Ex-President ll.C.P., rhy.nci=iu

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palate, which is called a titbit, lies under the head.

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or as he describes it, a return of the intercellular tissue

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treatment, and, among other things, lays down the following

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erythremia. The blood numbered seven is from a normal individual. Increases of

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" Williams. — ' Entozoa from the intestinal walls ; ' in MS. to the

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Professor of Anatomy and Physiology in Wurzburg. Translated by

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at 1 1 o'clock, A. M. ; the fit lasted eight hours. The quinine

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Definition. — The vascular system is over-filled, for were it not distended

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is the bacteriological one. The air of high altitudes

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the surface of the body. The two plates first mentioned I consider the