subsequent generations, despite the fact that his recom-
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and geriatric medicine in urban settings. Salary and benefits:
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In the second category I place cases which are chronic from the outset.
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The perfect man is a figment of the imagination. No
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ciation of mediastinal, pulmonary, or pleural processes in the
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been used in the laundry or how many bags of oats the
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theria, it is but seldom fatal, unless those who suffer from it have
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(anterior limit of the retina) lies the ciliary body, which
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tangible evidence in favor of such a mode of procedure. On one section
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Another innovation which points in the same direction is the consti-
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danger of the condition and the danger and difficulty of oper-
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gation) than by saline purgatives. It is immensely desirable to arrest or
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animal we are able to reproduce one of the most striking eflects
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The discharge will sometimes be so scanty as to be sdarcdy
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to normal. Forced fluids were continued. By 7.30 a.m. the fol-
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points ? In the case of therapy our arguments are quite different. There we
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but the opinion of many other medical men, when he declared
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spores. The parasites sometimes, too, reach a considerable size, so
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Horsley's allegations had been made publicly and in lan-
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practical app icaiion of this remedy, have all tended to increase
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penetrating and almost harmless wounds and the entire
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moidal cancer." It did not occur in any case I have seen. Circum-
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quarter of a grain of Morphine will often arrest or mitigate it. A full oose
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asthenopia from low degrees of refractive error. Honioeop.
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But though more cases are thus brought under the term, it still remains
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are important to the physician with regard to the nutritive and nervous
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and counter-extension, securely locks the joints, holds
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tbirty-six hours ; in the solution pressed from the albumen in the
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in marked contrast to the statement of Ignatowski that normal
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>'ou become stage-struck and cannot remember in the
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dispenser as well as his own. Although the guardians
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Well, then, I am persuaded that when the physician is called
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has an anodyne and somewhat narcotic effect. Physi-
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try in this civilian practice is large in proportion
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the study of medicine, but it must provide the tribu-
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Flannels wrung out of hot water, and sprinkled with tincture of
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urine into the neck of .the bladder, which is both shorter and more elastic than