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ally increased till the child begins to gain slightly
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Incubate for thirty minutes in water bath at 37* C.
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patient and his family became anxious that something should
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stantially passed without comment at the trial then in progress.
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commonly exists in typhus fever between the functional alteration
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carry malaria unless the individual stung has had it,
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so tremendous as to throw him down ; and although there was not
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be benefited by it ! But, we acknowledge that there are many
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Potter, Vaughn C, Starkville. Sharer, John P., Little Fails.
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sults which are very encouraging even in old stand-
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ease has been judiciously selected by the Committee of Arrange-
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specific action of potassium iodide was discovered.
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merged into flatness posteriorly and then into nor-
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plies to certain diagnostic and therapeutic problems
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and Goitre. It might be difficult to conceive, how a large tumour could sponta-
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early and late pregnancies ; in primipara, dcutipara,
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opinion of Benedict, that the sudden exposure of the infant at
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ing women of the State. This is owing to the impotency
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is by no means the circumstance most observable, but the puffy tur-
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ter profuse hemorrhage air is also often discovered in several
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500 and 700 c. c. of a five per cent, sodium bicar-
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new ailment, till some days after this had occurred. I then found
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of one where severe pain was complained of ; especially where the
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by Moro on the larv.-e of the turtle led to the conclu-
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appearance in all mucous linings, and in the form of
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trenches. Personally, I have successfully treated a
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which requires to be done with great accuracy, in order that the pressure may be
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Vessels. — Dr. G. W. Grier. of Pittsburgh, had seen
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the observations made by his predecessors in the Asclepia, or
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interstate quarantine, and the health supervision of
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"Passive Auscultatory Phenomena ;" and into those, to the pro-
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for Ontario, Department of Soldiers' Civil Reestab-
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branch or trunk. Of these the first is the more frequent and
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tenth of a grain from a bottle of water. They were very slightly soluble in nitric
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skull-cap, the right side of the skull before was quite moveable ; a
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