siderable accession of books, — six hundred and five (605) volumes having

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severe illness. I operated on the same day. The usual incision

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McClenachan, (adv.,) L. D. Harlow, R. P. Thomas, L. Rodman,

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not asceitain the precise day, the volume in which the

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follicular ainygdalitis of a catarrhal, purulent, fibrinous, and

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Repairs to the last named are frequently necessary, and the original cost of both

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There is, indeed, no better method than to seize it with a small pincers, or

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1860 A Dissertation on Hygiene, by Dr. A, B. Haile.

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Dr. A. T. Still, Hazzard, Riggs, Henry and McConnell ; of

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concentration of the urine itself; and (3) crystals of uric

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Electrolysis, October 23d, required twenty seconds. Slight

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those which teach too much and those which teach too little. The

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The Medical Society of the State of Colorado.— At the

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all right, but we are not allowed to bill for that visit

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righteousness of the means employed to accomplish our ends ; —

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substance (the connective-tissue matrix) takes place.* This change

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fibroid tissue thickening and contracting the outer layer of the urethral

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Venezuela, for the last seven months doing clinical

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par l'61ectro-aimant; r6tablissemeut de la vision. Bull, et

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all difficulties. I can apply the electric light as long

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busying themselves to provide amusements for the visitors.

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as a lotion ; and the same strength may be employed for unguents.

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disease in some distant joint, or with disease in some

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be produced in some patients by the reflex irritations

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during the decade, but the difference in the proportion of children

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to the fiftieth years of age, and being due to the more frequent abuse of alcohol

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me, and my good friend. Dr. Edwards here, prescribed for me