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than the chill. Subjectively, in addition to the feeling of heat, there

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me, and thus excite a paroxysm, as any hydrophobic patient dreads the

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symptoms of syphilis. The patient said that some days be-

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on-the-Main, Germany, has made close observations with this

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etiological, clinical, and other distinctions have faded before the exhaustive anal-

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progressive manner. 2. Every third day during six weeks I

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whilst fighting, the kick from a horse, or a fall from some height. Very

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beds. It is designed to erect a handsome, comfortable, and conven-

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always wear them. There is only one condition in which

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The total number of deaths exceeded the average by five. The

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two cases the bladder pictures were normal ; in the remaining sixty-eight

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the central artery of the anterior cornua is most frequently, if not exclu-

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be forced from one side to the other ; hence the term thorough-

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others Dr. Stephen Ward (see his " Clinical Illustrations of Diseases

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developed from a common mass. We see, further, that the

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0-145 grm. of fat out of 0-644 grm. had disappeared from the intestine,

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to understand that they could not continue to work up

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hypertrophy of the left ventride, are more rare. This is due to the

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with them, I wrote to that distinguished Mississippian and peer-

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every direction, although the wound barely reached the

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It is a fact, that there are disorders incident to the frame

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Russia, as Dr. H. makes evident by collating Richter's account of the

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medical practice laws in operation in the States and Territo-

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tity of omentum; this I recognized at once from the opacity of the

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Mr. Jlill gave notice that, "in committee on the Representa-

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Use of Intelligence Tests. U. S. Naval Medical Bulletin,

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chalybeate and supporting remedies. As the stomach in such sub-

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The liquid products of inflammation or of ulceration almost always

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which accompanies the Thoma-Zeiss blood counter. In the case of

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agree that it is commoner in females than in males, this being the reverse of

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2d. The cause of the emphysema, in the absence of any wound of the

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Poultices, particularly in hospital practice, are much less used than

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which often occur in diabetic cases, and which may happen after even slight

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e.xtreme cases resulted from obstruction in the lungs or

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" Mr. Lewes is enjoying his morning at his desk." (55.)

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times called "cell nests," is characteristic of this form of epithelioma