of the face. Examination of the heart revealed insufficiency of the aortic
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It is, however, only in the last two years that we are really
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fluid through the arachnoid villi {Medical Science, 1920, 3, 160) cut off by
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bacteria to the symptoms, we would be far from asserting that the
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serum, usually 20 c.c, was always injected into a jugular vein.
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is the fact that it shows the presence of an inherited resistance to
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aching of the gums; pain referred to the ear (internal and external),
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but under an exposure of 12 seconds the weight increases 15 per cent, more
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to explain its origin, but also because I have wondered why it was
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given as an introduction to the paper by Drs. Blackford and
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the usual incubation period intervening. A medical officer who accidentally
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done for all. What may be done in civil life by sanitation is not a factor
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spaces, which were oedematous or filled with red blood cells. This lesion
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surgeon for the use of mercury. They applied to Mr Colles ;
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The mucous membrane seems thinned like a serous membrane.
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that the substitution of 0-4 per cent, basic potassium phosphate for an equal
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which were lymphocytes. There was much dyspnoea probably owing to
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mother. The colour of the serum is more orange, which also applies to
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B. Clinical. Before discussing the clinical importance of the
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the patient had a pneumonia or a pleurisy at that time. For two years
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corpus striatum from this part of the nucleus. The axones of the large cells
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the research of Thjotta who believed he had proved that B. influenzae will
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of some special problem, and others who do better service, even
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in the case of the living; (2) the duration of life after high blood-
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in business, Dr Parsons. We met at the time appointed, and
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biologischer Wirkung. [The action of eosin and rose bengal on red blood
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acute ascending myelitis, both fatal. In the former case, the paralysis when
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tryptic digestion from tyrosine. It therefore appears that a synthetic
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more frequent and the marked grades much less. It is altogether
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they extend outward and connected by thickened shadows of the
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in excess of the reagent. (9) Macrophages may originate in various cells,
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