to 106 per cent. The mean average percentage of excretion as exo-
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Head. — Hearing on both sides, fair ; has slight convergent strabismus de-
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brain, and thus give more ready access to the pituitary region V For
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danger is greater than that arising from cathartics,
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Comment: Case 1522 presents interesting features. The patient left the
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marks that there is great room for a revision of the methods of
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between the effects of quinine and the bath have reference to
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much thickened and very vascular, so that constant catarrhal
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quickly through the stomach and were not digested. He also points out that if
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matter how much a man learns, if he has not learned inhibition,
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frequently about the buttocks. In some regions, as about the neck, they
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standing a delicate conformation of the body, and a subjection
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are changed by heating to 60° to 70° C. and by exposure to light; when
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cold are well marked, and, if time be given for their steady
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ders — Neuralgia; Intercostal — Phosphorus; Nerv-
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livid ; the strongest stimulants were in those cases applied, such