was a member and honorary member of many medical organiza-

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tion and partly founded on an equally untrustworthy plate by Sacco.-^

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physicians in South Dakota. Following each session,

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blood a greater percentage of leucocytes than those fed

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take place, were usually in the form of diaphoresis.

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larger number of cases prevent subsequent recurrence.

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Yet it may not be improper to use some of those medicines which extenuate

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membrane, and pointing in the pharynx. Again, an abscess may be

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with the delirium of hyper-pyrexial rheumatic fever.

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sojourner in the pent-up Ithaca of daily journalism and

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will certainly be held in the fall of 1887, according

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selves with one ol the Colleges of Arts of this state. Their

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petiole, or green stem when rubbed on the skin of a

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sufferer is permitted to remain within the sphere of malarial

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inges, and I would say that the principal danger is not to the

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longer estahlisht-d States. In Missouri, for example,

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this mode of escaping from the receptacle or sac, be also the

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lapse, and the radical cure of hernia. The youngest of these

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College of Lyons, at 20 ; and that of Alfort, at 33. Roll

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mits the board to issue temporary licenses in emer-

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method might be useful in diagnosis and valuable in therapeusis.

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But, on the other hand. Prof. Pallen does advise abortion

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cluded that this substance was of no value. The same conclusion was reached

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tit I Tki- TnnjM-rnluTi-Tiingr. — ,\ continued high temperature, as, for example,

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grains in from one and a half to three fluid ounces of any mucilaginous

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strong remissions or intermissions, as in measles. The eruption makes

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Dr. Griffin — Can the Registrar tell us the total amount due by these seven hundred

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command a dominant influence in any community goes with-

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second day; this gradually decreased until it reached its present

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a local inflammation. It is true that he also shows, with great

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a students' room, and the necessary private rooms and

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of the late Dr. James Henderson, by a number of friends, at

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venous hum. Attention to these points will generally suffice for determining

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I will give you an example of this misapplication of

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loss of bargaining power in the face of a proposed antitrust

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the pelvis. He operated and found the ureter was so

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perhaps only threaten. Unhealthy wounds should be freely laid open,

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In the illustrations oi the bones, the origin of muscles are indicated by red lines,

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3. Aloes 2 dr., hellebore i oz., sulphur 4 oz., lard or train