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patients all recovered completely without sequelae.
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the fistula was a considerable stricture of the urethra. The urine
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With this restriction I shall accept this division and
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shaped bodies, having one of their ends twisted spirally like a
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ceeding from the globule, a point of view in which the filament
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Professor of the Institutes of Medicine, one of the Physicians
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tions or circumstances which tend to render pneumonia fatal re»
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under very severe diseases of the uterus — polypus, fibrous tumour
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plastic work on the nose and face. At Epernay Colo-
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and who will devote his entire time to public health
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Peeleabit to Burmdeo pass, and from thence to the vicinity of Iludeerpoor, crossing.
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alveolar air has occurred into the pleural space. The
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Obliteration of the bronchial tubes is divided by Dr. Stokes
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