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vention of disease. And I maintain, your Lordship, that schools

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child's health was remarkably good, and the respiratory functions were per-

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Dillard, G. P., Draper; Bennett Med. Coll., 1916 1916

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of this question, as I think the proposition that all neoplasms should be re-

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in this city, and organized the first eight general hospitals. In 1874 he was ap-

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HSP induction has been reported in aged animal hearts

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stitutes a serious drawback to its use, as toleration is diflicult to establish, and I

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offspring. Such a conception introduces unending confusion. Taking

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11. I am asked to specify the conditions in which va-

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own efforts in this present publication have been directed to fur-

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alleged that the mortification was caused by tight bandaging, but the defen-

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atrophy being much greater in some muscles than in others. The character-

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of the cases it was entirely suspended after the use of the clover tea for

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lesion, never followed by general eruptions, but associated with

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of pressure may be exerted on the brain, proportioned to the power of the

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and gave a resume of the literature of the subject, embracing nine

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