remark is suggested by the fullness and magnitude of this work, which

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anxiety of those about him. He had, he said, often had ,

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]\Ir. David M'Cowan, in moving apjuova] of lhi> accounts, said

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nosis was the incidence of colon infection, particularly

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scopically, cholesterin, hematoidin, and fatty acid crystals, as well

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tion should not go on together, and always in these cases use our very

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treatment of the cutaneous lesions has not given good results. It is, how-

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is a question about slight hemiparesis, the digiti quinti

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blacksmith, and in his early years plied his father's

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selves in this manner lengthwise, they also fall into pieces transversely,

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prop3'l alcohol was the best agent tried. It is a plausible assump-

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I was able to make out the size and position of the

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He was a theological student, and had got so that he could not

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presence of any irritating matter in the bowels, such as

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the rather meagre statistics on which, as yet, theories

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ing fluid, so placed that they are at right angles with each other.

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of recovery were slight. Dr. Porter stated that the arytte-

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extremely useful; the elixir of cinchona, with some vegetable salt of iroii,i»

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at an opposite one? The absurdity is no less when the same

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mitted that they were entirely " in the dark " and felt as if they

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Dr. Ingals also described an instrument which he had em-

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explanation for a persistent temperature, we should suspect tu-

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A B, space between the two former ; the line Z X indicates the thick-

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portion to their populations. Both these agents, like all other anes-

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occurring free and in pairs as diplococci in the protoplasm of the leucocytes

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rim about 2i inches wide around the pan and flush with its tx^ o^

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and fed and attended with the greatest care, so as to have

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IS seen in their adhesiveness, and in the phenomenon

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tion of temperature. The temperature remained stationary or varied within small

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Wright, J. P., Surgeon. — When relieved by Surgeon

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ment was therefore undertaken to determine the range of error in

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decreased in frequency. Diabetes either with or without

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effected by thorough changes of climate. But, even so far back

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able nature of cholera infantum, which renders it so destructive of life in our

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cases during January and the Krst half of February.

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exists alone in Lycosa tarantula, L. singonensis. The second largely

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tion. This command will rarely be obeyed ; nevertheless, we must

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* Reckon available carbohydrates in vegetables of 5 per cent, group as 3 per

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and tongue are involved, and hence the pendulous lower lip, the dribbling of

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individuals, dislocation and diastasis occur in preference to fracture.

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lyzed side may become the seat of acute or chronic inflam-

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ation in the throat, which I have thoroughly cauter-

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ings ; for there is no form of exercise more vivifying,

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or of other portions of the adnexse, might occur as

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as a curved director, guides the rounded head of the bone inwards and backwards

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nary sense of humor should teach this, to any member of a

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tract the disease, although no wire screen was used. This

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" 7. District hospitals or refuges to be provided by the local

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interest. Some portions of it, however, have but a very indirect relation

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and Mrs. Fitzgerald have gone to Europe. The doctor will spend

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synostosis between the implanted piece of bone and the other

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media, but they were much affected by the Ught made use of.

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Lancet, Calcutta, 1896, vii, 183-185.— Pantyukholf (I.)

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of some of these growths as perivascular sarcomas, if

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In the full glare of the sunlight the most benumbed