tension to the valves. In these conditions, I may add, every trace

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sis of more or less degree will result unless the scar tissue resulting from

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diameter of the corpuscles of human blood thus prepared, while he assigns

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the corpuscles of the patient, and the serum of the pa-

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lowed to dry and is blown about in the atmosphere, taken into

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sidered an immunizing agent in the specific sense of the term; the

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5. The treatment must be directed against both the local

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ment of chronic cases of rheumatism, whether gonorrheal or otherwise,

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times, until the bacteria appear of a beautiful blue on a

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twenty-one for Edinburgh and seventeen for Glasgow, merely

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recovered in five days. " ('Med. Gaz.,' vol. xlvii. p. 675.) A private in a cavalry

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elevation of its tuberosity by contraction of the triceps

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ing the anginal attack when there is no certain evidence

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The extent of discoloration and swelling is variable according to the

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