hydrothurax; Pericarditis — this has only been met with in a few cases; Anasarca

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sive, a little more dangerous than the head louse is the

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tion, as bruited forth and published to the world, by some charlatans and mis-

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chemical depilatories, provided the chemical does not

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2. Besearehet into the nature of Himnatoidin. F. Holm. (* Mole*

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greater malignity of the sam£ disease, at least of what is so

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and it has been constantly described as a symptom of these diseases by

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dilated; pains rapid; head advancing. Three P. M. — Head protruded

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already going on. The name " apoplexy,*' for example, is re-

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less fruitM in works on mental disorder; and until the appear-

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interred two bodies from ground ascertained to be arsenical, and could not

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millimeters; from eight to sixteen, 80 to 100; and from

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We are — in the Christian, humanitarian sense —

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rely to a certain extent on the violet colour of the deposit. In

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Dr. Belcher, phj'^sician and surgeon to the prison, reports the following as the

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cavities." Dr. B. cites Gardien for a similar case.

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In France, they execute criminals by means of the guillotine, and some curi-

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they produced death in about a day. The stomach, cut into small pieces, was

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Dr. Marshall Hall, who has described this form of disease. In this,

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we may state that these led to the belief on the part of Dr.

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he desires to recover his mental health, and, of course, ■

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bited, accordingly as the vowels a or o are seen or heard, &c. ;

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as Budiger, Eichelberg, carry the hand into the uterus; others, as Saxtorph,

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still the characters of that form of headache usually denominated sick headache.

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Bemaris. — The effects obtained from the hypodermic use of

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Well, it is difficult to say, but you know it is the custom,

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was passed round as usual, and in the course of a short time three of the persons

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which have been arrested in their development exercise considerable influence

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convenient form. We shall certainly take an opportunity of

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cell seldom divides into three, and still seldomer into four parts.

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of areolar tissue, the tubular gland system, the blood-vessels, &c^

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for its solution, the comparison and valuation of an infinite number of elements

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