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of diagnosis and therapy. Such personal observations by students

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pulse is imparted to its cultivation, and a new direction is im-

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(5.) The physician must be able also to appreciate with reason-

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common. Implication of the uterus is extremely rare.

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tion should be practised daily in crowded work-rooms, [h.m.]

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U-shaped tube, XV, which is dilated at G, below which it becomes capillary, to

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willingly; Drenches are those liquid medicines which must be

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attachment to the left side of the vertebral column was hidden

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Large tubercles of the brain, exostoses of the cranial vault, syphilitic

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yet his parents or grandparents or great-grandparents

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important one. It means an appreciable consumption of valu-

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lifematoma, if such, too old. for the operation was

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The increase in locomotion, in internal changes, with

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ease, once to such an extent that cholerine was suggested.

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interesting bicephalic fetus. At the postmortem exami-

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of the best indigenous substitutes for Ipecacuanha.

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clear. Puncture clears only recent hydrarthrosis without lesions of the deep

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proved fatal, and on bacteriologic examination was pronounced

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As regards dysentery, I was struck with the great depression

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peres are used, but 5-6 of a milliampere to one square inch,

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tingviished as acute or chronic. The former are circular and punched-

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spoken of the reservoir : the three other parts are the portevent ; the

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collected in the pleura ; by enlargement of the heart ; by aneurism

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that ten years ago he himself entertained that opinion.

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Barlow SHVH, in liin " Pnictico of Mcdiciiic," in liiw l«H-turc

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If the lesion appear to be thrombosis, the treatment, as regards rest,

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that frequently the secretion returned before the patient had regained the

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minutes, is an undoubted sign of life, in a physiological sense, whether the child

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sign a statement swearing that they will not act as itinerant