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action. The faeces are at first rendered black, from an excess
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patients for whom intermittent short-term treatment of
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Indications and Contraindications to Radical Curt. Childhood and
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Maj or -r- Anything you say, doctor ; anything you say ! [Rings the bell.) — Puck.
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or, as he describes it, "pear-shaped." The circumference of the end is
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there is plenty of space between the teeth and behind the
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of the Society to report on the subject of Medical Education
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Practical work in manual training is systematically car-
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which are sometimes a source of considerable anxiety. Highly
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Reporter : " I have had within the last three years sev-
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ing this time some serosanguinous fluid flowed from
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ninety-eight times out of a hundred you may safely conclude that you
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heat of skin, acceleration of the pulse, anorexia, arid thirst. But
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Berl., 1893, xlvi, 358-362.— Golding-Bird (C. H.) Opera-
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little fine, gritty sand of uric acid on the diaper of the infant,
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question. Nor will the Editors of the Examiner question it,
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3. Vaginal Colpotomy in the Treatment of Pelvic Disease.
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men, presidents of colleges, soldiers, clergymen, and men
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inoculation by means of one or two piipircs of the mosquito may confer
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fering from tuberculosis must bear in mind as useful
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cholera, and give it an individuality which forbids our merging it
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in 14, from the tenth to the twelfth month ; in 9, from the thirteenth to the eigh-
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and causes, in order to intelligently discuss the ultimate end in view, the
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former considers that the bigeminus is the only type of double heart-beat which has
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In either case, the bath should be followed by rubbing the
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about sixteen hours out of the tw T enty-four. The records of specific
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the labyrinth resembles the changes which occur in the intestinal mu-
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or five grains, or even larger doses in the conunencement, and with such
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inherent ability of a hospital food service department to boost the morale of
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Glycosuria. — If transient does not mean very much,
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and other serious accidents, is said to be very unfavorable ;
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the prevalence of epidemics of scarlatina. An attack of this kind appears,
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matter of satisfaction to me to find that they were esteemed to
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evening a subcutaneous injection of 0.60 quinin mur. and 0.01 morph.
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Demulcents soothe, soften, and ensheathe parts ; they
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almost impossible to properly analyze the facts they con-
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Idiocy, which is defined to be " a specific infirmiti/ of the
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the face and extremities, with vertigo, headache, and
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are not equally common in artificially fed children. It is, how-