ling use of instruments, of course, is always dangerous.

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pneumonia. " These cases of initial pneumonia, which run the course of

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Plastic Surgery in Gynecology. — Dr. Joseph Price,

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become extended for the treatment of a large number

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ossicles may be affected. The clinical or pathological proof,

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lawyer went through the form of presenting his application.

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I am glad to have it in my power to adduce a few cases of

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clothing, should be noted. The direction of its flow may

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Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Public domain books belong to the

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of methylic alcohol. This dilute alcoholic solution is

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choice of the remedy, and its time, and its measure,

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the attainment of extra-professional knowledge suited to their means

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to each other and to the other elements of the blood. They play an important

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should be taught that recovery cannot be brought about by the use of

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cedure is to weigh the patient daily, to restrict the fluid intake to

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affinities of this mysterious precursor of death contain, how-

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small boys. These circumstances, like others I have nar-

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area, as part of a physician loan forgiveness program. (Copyright

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His children, Mary Land and David Forsyth, have established a trust fund to

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retain all the nutritive constituents and reject those

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resistance of the ducts, and, in the event of the growths becoming

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"Athletic hearts " behave particularly badly under low oxygen.

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occurred, in reference to tbe opposite sex, the solitary exanqile already men-

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of a tuberculous origin. Tuberculous disease, cheesy

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financial and other questions. — Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.

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onfrequently depends immediately on some violence inflicted from without,

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This new proteid does not reduce Fehling's solution after boiling with

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muscular atrophy, or of chronic anterior poliomyelitis ; and it is only on

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employ such interference and assistance as may seem

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liver ; gangrene of the intestines or lungs, or cellular tissue, are

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University an injustice, by asserting that an attempt is being

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and 16 from diarrh(Bal diseases. Of the 39 deaths from all causes

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throughout the organism, and entering into the mode of being of