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not advanced as yet to the stage in which crescent formation was possible.

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several instances, the simultaneous occurrence of numerous cases

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to be dissected from the corpus spongiosum very slowly, so that the

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the vas deferens in tubercular testis is, in his opinion, a contra-

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Patient admitted to St. Elmo Hospital, Malta, from Salonika on January 13,

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struments are the dilating hooks of Zarniko and Barth for

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less than a tenth of the ordinary brain lesions from aural dis-

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of the chest, and the patient soon died from loss of

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At 5 P.M. — Patient sleeping rather heavily, no recurrence of fits;

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thartics were given by mouth from the banning of the attack.

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neous branches go off, six above from the internal, and six from the

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which gave a percentage of one recovery in six had been

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taught its serious import. Upon examining the throat, we ascertain-

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quantity of blue mass, together with chalybeates, or mild

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operation was successfully performed, the tubes and ovaries being left.

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about one half of the gold-leaf had been expended, and the mass

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5 with haimorrliage into anterior chamber, and 3 with laceration of cornea and

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the umbilicus. From time to time undoubted instances of peculiarity in

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branes. Sarcocele may render the tumour so firm and compact

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so that they strongly resemble bruises (dermatitis contusiformis). The

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concomitant symptoms are to l)e considered, and, as bearing on both the seat

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in substance, especially, when joined with calomel.

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mothers are feeble and delicate women, incapable of

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214). In a water tortoise, Trionyx indieus. Sporonts J 6-10 /j.

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its origin (Leube). May^ suggests chemical change in the myocardium as the

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rigorous proof. The tendency of modern physiology and of modern ex-

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Dr. Peter Bryce, of Toronto, limited his remarks to

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of the moment is, therefore, to prevent the invasion of

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This formula can be relied upon for prompt relief in cholera,

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