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telligence, sometimes by fever. The pulse, as in other cerebnd affec-
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is no evidence that cattle eat largely of the loco weed or are aflFected
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ordinary circular, and the more decidedly conical mode;
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the disease, and prevent heart affection. Under this treatment also
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through a hard winter without any food but what they can
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be excluded by the presence of an enlarged liver with jaundice and fever,
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department heads to the university, specialty and subspe-
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treatment of the cutaneous lesions has not given good results. It is, how-
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Other observers criticise quite severely the action of this new
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ous the joints inflamed. When the spine is attacked the pain and in-
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attack, if it present a variety in its aspect, as it appears in different places ;
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continue for a few minutes only, or for several days. Usually, after continu-
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infancy performed in the year 1902, and the number of re- vaccinations was
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lint with the advance of time, which changes all things but
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1881. BiLLiNas, John S., M.D., Washington, Surgeon to the United States
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tions considered, with more or less reason, to be connected with them.
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cent, with from 30 to 40 per cent of relapses in all cases traced beyond
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many, myself amongst them, thought this mode of administration
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this be also taken away, the nest is altogether deserted by
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optic nerves, the nerves of the ocular muscles, the olfactory, and the first
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Similarly, there is evidence to show that wine can pro-
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run off from the pens of Allopathic physicians. Such articles,
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not be worth while to inquire into the sanitary condition
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Bartels believed that it was the kidney itself that
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essential. Rickets and bent bones in children are due to the absence
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liaatCastleton, RensselaerCouuty. Rep. State Bd. Health
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production here and there over the surface, of discrete horny masses
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vention of disease. And I maintain, your Lordship, that schools
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of pregnancy and suffering from pneumonia. Abortion fol-
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Hence it is, that all stimulations of the buccal mucous tissue,
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day, in " a wine glass full of milk or other fluid,'
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the disease, strumous synovitis— the fungoid disease of the joint is not inflam-
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A disease of the eye, so named from its being thought to
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may be mentioned peptotoxiu, neurin, muscarin obtained from de-
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luxation be on one side, the chin must be shaken, and brought towards the throat ;
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As has already been said, such cases are too commonly regarded as