muscular atrophy, or of chronic anterior poliomyelitis ; and it is only on
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pepsia, with the sodic bicarbonate or with prepared chalk. A grain
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may occur in such small quantity — as may occur in the case of our
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Rubus Trivialis, (dewberry,) roots ; astringent, tonic.
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was first given in 1656, will this year be delivered on October 18th by Dr.
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best remedies for it. Several cases haA^e been described by Mr.
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predisposing, and proximate causes of morbid action,
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organization in the Methodist and Baptist churches, and I am re-
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that the treatment afforded to the bulk of the patients
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whole number. The latest was the 15th cliild; but after the 12th
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an-hour; had occasional delusions, but was perfectly manageable.
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being discharged each time into the subcutaneous tissue.
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The lymphatic glands may be swollen, while the pancreas is usually normal,
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dates, in which a coagulum is frequently observed after standing
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citement from exertion of the intellectual or moral faculties,
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it desen'es a permanent place asi a diagnostic aid. but the
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the first, perhaps, to employ the phrase " animal magnet-
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all night, he should disgrace himself by passing urine in bed. II all
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" Oribassius in the fourth century devised some ingenious methods
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attention to the peculiar altered method of response to the constant
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the same; pulse, 88; respirations, 28; temperature, 98'2°. He
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litigation retard the patient's progress, but it is beyond question,
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There is virtually no such thing as a private patient at the