remarked upon the subject of " Vivisection " in the fol-
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are to be ascribed many of the false traditions that re-
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residue found in the stomach of the poisoned man, evaporated, and then applied
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Roentgen Therapy.— O'Brien {Boston Med. and Siirg. Jour., 1923,
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tions upon the above, is that of a parasitic gregarine living in the cavities
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and may disappear. Butyric acid will be found in the vomitus under the
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out one important fact, that anything that favors stag-
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In general, the distinction will not be difficult: the kind of violence, and the
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The death of Professor Rudolph Ludwig Karl Virchow,
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I Potential Toxic Contamination of the Missouri River, the
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ple incision ; turning it one side ; taking out the for-
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very short, owing to the fact that there was no perineum, as it
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o See Archiv. d'Ophthalmologie, August, 1883, p. 368. Bellouard, I'Hemianopsie,
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were greatly distended. No bruit at the heart or over the
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sionally detected, but, as a rule, his weakness is known only to members of his
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at a meeting of the Court of Examiners on the 14th inst., viz. :
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Consequently, it is a very " cheap " and, only in appearance,
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been contemporary with that of some other severe disorders : and
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ody is still suffering from the disease, and disappearing on recovery. As a
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will meet at a reunion to be held at Cincinnati, May 17.
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not be found ; antitoxin was given, and the throat was clear in three
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between the soft parts and the superior maxilla, on each' side,
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developed since its conception. The generally accepted method of
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Peritonitis, Local. See Liver; Cancer of Gall-blad-
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ing as if nothing had been done. He asked whether in these
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appear-to be an example of some other spinal affection. Charcot accounts
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cases with 6 deaths gives a maternal mortality of 14.6
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The Winter Session opens about the middle of October and closes about the end of