patient again resorted to Wiseman; she recovered, and by the

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arranged before we leave to-night. Then, secondly, an address

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It would be inexcusable to occupy the time of this assembly with

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place the patients in a pure and frequently renewed atmo-

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tom of iritis, and synechia? were only formed where a dot had been situated.

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sight in cases of disease of the nervous system to central damage,

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taneous injection of five c.c. of the most favorable virus, sera were

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sional intercourse. It is rare to find an aged physician, whose habits

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are single and chaste are cured by marriage ; and in some

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he was graduated at West Point in 1838 and served in

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which the patients died within twelve hours, probably

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the disease or of its misbehavior in consequence of the habits and

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English language by checking the increase of derived superfluous

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which, as a rule, is due to general giving way of the nervous system,

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limbs are not contracted, but keep the position in which they have been

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confidence in their truth, and of the error of the practice which

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early recognition of pulmonary tuberculosis in order

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tion. The construction of the appliance is as follows : Steel

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along their diaphyses. The pelvis may resemble that of osteomalacia.

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lion. The symptoms are those of delirium, with a propensity to bite, and the disease is

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improving condition of stomach elimination by kindeys, and toning

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